Foods dogs can and can’t eat

Alcohol – No
Almonds – No
Apples – Yes (No seeds)
Bananas – Yes
Bread – Yes (Plain only, no spices and no raisins)
Caffeine – No
Carrot sticks – Yes
Cashews – Yes
Cheese – Yes
Chocolate – No
Cinnamon – No
Coconut – Yes
Corn – Yes (Not the cod)
Cucumber slices – Yes
Eggs – Yes (Need to be fully cooked)
Fish – Yes (Fully cooked and cooled, No tiny bones)
Garlic – No
Grapes – No
Green beans – Yes
Ham – Yes
Honey – Yes
Ice Cream – No
Macadamia nuts – No
Milk – No (Many dogs are lactose-intolerant)
Onions – No
Oranges – Yes (No seeds)
Pasta – Yes (Plain and cooked)
Peanut butter – Yes
Peanuts – Yes
Popcorn – Yes (Without salt and butter, just plain)
Pork – Yes
Potato – Yes (Plain baked only, no raw potatoes or from the garden)
Quinoa – Yes
Raisins – No
Rice – Yes (Cooked white rice is ok)
Salmon – Yes
Salt – No
Shrimp – Yes (Fully cooked, remove the head, tail, and legs)
Sugar – No (overweight and teeth issues)
Tuna – Yes (For canned tuna, needs to be in water and no spices)
Turkey – Yes (No garlic, no bones)
Watermelon – Yes (No seeds)
Wheat/grains – Yes
Yogurt – Yes
Zucchini slices – Yes


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