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IAM demystified

IAM is basically

Who can do what to which resources. When do we care?

Nice article.

Code Review


Reversing emojis

Interesting read.

>>> flag = "🇺🇸"
>>> reversed_flag = flag[::-1]
>>> print(reversed_flag)


A library that does the reverse operation correctly.

docker compose file creation

This tool will convert a docker run command into a docker compose file.


The ENTRYPOINT specifies a command that will always be executed when the container starts.

The CMD specifies arguments that will be fed to the ENTRYPOINT.

FROM debian:wheezy
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/ping"]
CMD ["localhost"]
$ docker run -it img


Digital fingerprinting

Turns out incognito mode doesn’t quite protect privacy, websites can still track us.

Data Fallacies to Avoid

Hard work alone is not enough

Hard work doesn’t matter much if no one recognizes it. Sad but true.

Roadmap to becoming a data engineer in 2021

Sounds about right! =)