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Most knowledge worth having comes from practice. It comes from doing. It comes from creating. Reading about the trade war with China doesn’t make you smarter—it gives you something to say at dinner parties. It gives you the illusion that you have the vaguest idea what is happening in our enormously complex world.

It makes me think how I should spend my time.

The article is a little one-sided, but the point is clear.

The evolution of trust

A nice game or interactive presentation to learn the Game Theory.

COVID-19 Integrated County View

Back to red again…

How to tell if a wall is load-bearing

Roadmap and ETA

Nice article to highlight what usual goes wrong in software development in a corporate setting.


This tesseract app is pretty amazing, can do a OCR very quick. To install on osx:

brew install tesseract
tesseract -l eng ~/Desktop/ScreenShot.png output

That creates output.txt

The recognized text is not perfect all the times, but good enough.


jq playgrounds

McNamara fallacy

“Numbers are important, but if you only focus on numbers that can be measured, you necessarily ignore everything else that cannot be measured.”

“The fallacy refers to McNamara’s belief as to what led the United States to defeat in the Vietnam War—specifically, his quantification of success in the war (e.g., in terms of enemy body count), ignoring other variables.”

Attention For Sale: A Mini-Documentary

“When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.” – James Gleick


There are indeed a lot of satellites.