Suspended Animation

Just heard from TED about Suspended Animation, very interesting stuff. Animation here refers to the movement of any live creatures. An example of suspended animation is say, a plant seed, or a spore, or a polar bear in hibernation. When living creatures are in such a state, their metabolism is slowed down many times, thus prolonging their lifespan or in practicality buying more time before an important medical treatment. To make this possible, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is used to take over the normal oxygen binding. With less oxygen consumption, less metabolism, thus entering into hibernation.

This sounds like some kind of sci-fi stories, only that it’s true. I never thought medical research can be this interesting. 😉

Wolfram Alpha

Recently, WolframAlpha has been making some noise saying it can perform better searches than google. From what I understand, WolframAlpha claims to understand the words you type into the search bar, thus returning better search results, whereas google will only search your words literally with its PageRank algorithm. Say for example, if you type in “short CEO”, WolframAlpha will give you the info on the short CEO such as his name, his business, and so forth, while google will give you anything related to your search words.

I don’t think WolframAlpha will be anywhere close to being a threat to google. If anything, google can just buy them out.

WolframAlpha will be having their webcast soon on May 15th 7pm CST.

Twitter at church?

US churches use Twitter to reach a wider audience

Pastors in Westwinds Community Church in Michigan spent two weeks teaching their congregation about Twitter, which allows users to send messages to each other which are no longer than 140 characters. Of the church’s 900 adult members, 150 are now tweeting.

The church encourages congregants to ask questions about a sermon that the pastor can answer later. Alternatively, they can “tweet” during the service in case another worshipper can provide enlightenment.

Um… I think we are entering a new era of worship… starting from old traditional, to women preaching, to contemporary music, now even to twitter! I think outwardly worship can take on many different forms, so long as we are connecting with God.

The growth of twitter


What I like about twitter is that:
1. You get to tell people whatever you like to, and vice versa.
2. You can choose from whom you want to hear.
3. I get tweets on my phone, meaning it’s instant and convenient.

What a tool!

Lunascape 5 Genesis Beta released Feb. 10, 2009

Wow, this new browser Lunascape can render webpages with the three most popular web browser engines. Trident + Gecko + WebKit. For those of us wanting to test webpage layouts thus installing IE7, firefox, and Safari, now you only need one browser. It’s still in its beta version for now, but it looks quite good to me. In terms of features it pretty much has everything you can think of. And it scores 100 on the Acid3 test. It’s quite impressive.