Oh my gosh… I have been getting calls from this # for like a week straight! I never picked it up coz it was an unknown caller. No message left ever. Before finding ways to block this I googled this # and to my surprise hack of links returned back. Here are some of them:


and a lot more links…

It turns out to be the toyota customer service trying to rate my experience with them. Yes, I had an oil change with them about a week ago. So, it’s legit, but isn’t that a bit annoying? Perhaps it’s commission based. If they email me instead of calling I will be more than happy to fill out the survey.

Apple iPhone VS Meizu M8


Boy… don’t they look similar? Meizu is apparently a cell phone company in China. Here is their official site and the eng version of it. I wonder how they got away with the copyright laws.

Check out this comparison list from applematters.com:

iPhone = 115 (h) x 61 (w) x 11.6 (d) mm
M8 = 105 (h) x 57 (w) x 11.5 (d) mm

Screen Size:
iPhone = 3.5 inches
M8 = 3.3 inches

Screen Resolution:
iPhone = 320 x 480
M8 = 720 x 480

Input Method:
iPhone = Apple patented Multi-touch
M8 = Standard touchscreen

iPhone = 2 models at 4GB and 8GB non-removable flash memory
M8 = 2 models at 4GB and 8GB non-removable flash memory

iPhone = 2.0 megapixels
M8 = 3.0 megapixels plus one 0.3-mega pixels on front for video calling

iPhone = Quad-band 2.5G
M8 = Unknown but 3G capable

Wireless Data:
iPhone = Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0
M8 = Bluetooth 2.0 + TV-Out

Operating System:
iPhone = Mac OS X Mobile
M8 = Windows CE 6.0

There isn’t much info about the app store yet, but I am pretty sure a Chinese version of the Apple appStore will come out in no time. After all, google has its app store, and microsoft is making their own as well.

Not sure how you can get an M8 at this point, but I guess asking one of your friends in China will be a good start.

Wanna talk to a human instead of a machine?

Have you ever gotten trapped in the answering machine world? All the options given to you are just not what you want! Wish you could simple talk to a human? Well, this website will save you hours. It lists most of the major companies’ human customer service phone numbers. No more wasting time with the answering machines!