HK Radio online

All of a sudden I am craving for some Chinese songs. I am so glad RTHK has their radio channels broadcast online. Here is their link: Just click on “Live Radio” on the top left corner and start listening!

Since it’s their night time when I listen to it, it’s mostly songs instead of commercials and talks. Just the way I want it!

Metro also has their radio channels online at

881903 is also another provider, but it keeps asking me to download their toolbar… Nah…


I am glad that someone actually tried to do a small research on this topic, though to be fair the population size is only about a thousand. But I guess if the population size were to increase the result would be worse…

Most HK students worry only about their studies at school, that is if they study at all. School work is stressful already that consumes most of they time. Anything outside of school is considered unproductive, and can be dealt with later. There isn’t much incentive to read news unless it’s for personal interest. The high competition in the job market also contributes to this phenomena.

Such is the HK education focus, they want their students to be mainly book-smart. Well, that approach has its own advantage as well as its downfall. However if that’s their focus, then they will need to make sure their students are indeed book-smart, or extremely book-smart instead. Otherwise, the trade-off wouldn’t be justifiable.

This is in fact a complex issue with long lasting impact, but most people just let the education department officers deal with it and worry about other things. That’s understandable, after all what can anybody do?

btw, I only got 2 correct out of the whole list of questions. Shame on me! ^^;

大學畢業做茶餐廳 月薪六千

大學畢業做茶餐廳 月薪六千

wow… not a good time to graduate…

兩校半百學生 愛民邨毆鬥

兩校半百學生 愛民邨毆鬥

Don’t you find the title a bit ironic?

What’ve you drank today?

Today, I had tea, coffee boba, beer, corn cream soup, lemon tea, and finally vita soy milk. Gosh… this is what life is like in Hong Kong…