I always have a clock at my office so I can easily see the time. Not sure about you guys, but I don’t like to squeeze my eyes to read from my windows taskbar. Everything is good until some time last week the battery ran out. The “second” hand failed to go against the gravity struggling to go up at the “9” position. Poor me I have been consistently forgetting to bring in a new battery, I guess getting into the office on time already consumes everything I get in the morning. ^^;

It’s already been a week of squeezing my Asian eyes. I finally got fed up and decided to search for a clock to place on my windows desktop. I found this clock program called ClocX. It does exactly what I am looking for, which is simply being a clock. Free program, a few options to set but mostly you will only set the clock face once. Check it out!

Finance software

Since some of my friends talked about finance, I guess now is a good time to bring this up. is an online personal finance software. From the website description: “Mint downloads, categorizes, and graphs all of your finances automatically every day— so you don’t have to. Know where you’re spending, without spending any effort.” I remember back in the old days I wrote all my expenses down on my little note book, but those days are gone. Mint can analyze all of your transactions and plot graphs for you in a secure https manner. All of these come to you for free! I am not sure when they will start charging but I would be more than happy to pay for their service. To say the least, it will save you tons of time if you are in the business of taking care of your personal finance.

File conversion service

This is a pretty cool file conversion online service. It’s called Zamzar. It can convert documents, images, audio, video, and compressed files. The whole list of file formats is here. As a free service, the file size limit is 100Mb. You can increase the file size limit by upgrading your account.


If you are looking for a dictionary freeware, I would recommend this one called Lingoes. Yes, you can surely go to some online dictionaries, but having your own on your computer gives you the flexibility down the road say when you are trapped in a basement or whatever. Lingoes allows you to download your own dictionaries, do cursor translation, translate to different languages, and can even say the words. This is often all the things you look for when buying a dictionary software. Now, these is one here for free, think about that!

Wallpaper download

This site InterfaceLIFT has pretty good wallpapers for free download. These wallpapers are pretty amazing!


Oh my goodness! You got to check this out! Sometimes when you are working on a video, you really wish to find a background music that create certain kind of atmosphere. Chances are you try to look for the music on some music searching engine but couldn’t find anything remotely close to what you want. Well, those days are gone! Try Soundsnap! You can search for the music and listen to it live even without downloading it.


Hyperwords lets you interact with the text on the webpages. For example, if you see a word you want to look into it, you probably will highlight the word, then copy it, then open up a new tab, go to wikipedia or google, then paste the word and click search. It’s quite a long process isn’t it? With Hyperwords all you need to do is to highlight the word, then right click and find what you want to do with the word, for example google this word.

There are a lot more features. You can watch a demo at:

The firefox extension of this is located at:

Free Rice

When I came across this site, I was stunned. In short, you play a vocabulary game to earn rice for donation to the poor. Here is their “How to Play” instructions:

1) Click on the answer that best defines the word.
2) If you get it right, you get a harder word. If wrong, you get an easier word.
3) For each word you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

This game can really test your vocabulary, and at the same time you get to donate rice. What an idea!