Free FICO scores???

I am assuming we all know about getting our annual free credit reports from However, to get your FICO score you got to pay for that. What!!?

If you google a little you will see lots of free credit scores services, but most of them just lure you to get on a trial service for a few days. That’s not cool man…

Then I came across this blog post that talks about Credit Karma, still in beta, offering free credit scores with ads. Here is an interview with Credit Karma CEO Ken Lin on his purpose of setting up his website.

Here is a screenshot:

Even though this is only your estimate FICO score, it’s close enough. At least you have an idea before planning to make any big purchases.

You DO need to give out your SSN for this service, as this is the case for all other credit checks. So stay calmed. But if you are comfortable to use things like, then you will probably be ok to give Credit Karma a try.