Soluto can find all your boot-time programs and visual the whole mysterious boot-time time line. You can then delay or disable them from the graph. I decreased my windows boot time from 6 mins to 5 mins. It’s a great tool for you to discover and disable some of these boot time programs that you forget about. For example, I delayed my itunes since I don’t need that when my windows boots up, same for another dictionary program.

Soluto – How to use Soluto Beta from Soluto on Vimeo.

Wallpaper download

This site InterfaceLIFT has pretty good wallpapers for free download. These wallpapers are pretty amazing!


Oh my goodness! You got to check this out! Sometimes when you are working on a video, you really wish to find a background music that create certain kind of atmosphere. Chances are you try to look for the music on some music searching engine but couldn’t find anything remotely close to what you want. Well, those days are gone! Try Soundsnap! You can search for the music and listen to it live even without downloading it.