Copying lots of files safely

Yesterday I had a chance to consolidate all my old small external hard drives data to one single external hard drive. But as many of you may have encountered, the file copying process often dies in the middle due to an error. Now you are left in the air, not knowing where to resume the process. Or if you are optimistic enough to try again only to see the same error again.

Well, that small frustration led me to finding this file copying software. It’s called Ycopy. It’s probably a word play of xcopy. It successfully copied all of my files during my sleep with an error list in the end when I woke up this morning. That’s exactly what I needed! No crashes!

There are a few more file copying apps out there. I tried TeraCopy but it crashed… But to be fair I only tried the free version, and my file sizes range from text files to dvd iso.

Let me know what you feel about Ycopy, and if you have any good experiences with other file copying apps.