File conversion service

This is a pretty cool file conversion online service. It’s called Zamzar. It can convert documents, images, audio, video, and compressed files. The whole list of file formats is here. As a free service, the file size limit is 100Mb. You can increase the file size limit by upgrading your account.


Oh my goodness! You got to check this out! Sometimes when you are working on a video, you really wish to find a background music that create certain kind of atmosphere. Chances are you try to look for the music on some music searching engine but couldn’t find anything remotely close to what you want. Well, those days are gone! Try Soundsnap! You can search for the music and listen to it live even without downloading it.

Enable DVD Playback in Ubuntu

Ubuntu doesn’t play DVD from a fresh install. You need to install a few programs and codecs first. Here is how to do it:

sudo apt-get install totem-xine libxine1-ffmpeg libdvdread3
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

That’s it! Enjoy your movie! (source: