Born this way

Glee S02E18 Born this way T-shirt titles

Kurt: Likes Boys
Brittany: I’m With Stoopid (Arrow Up)
Puck: I’m With Stupid (Arrow Down)
Mike: Can’t Sing
Artie: Four Eyes
Rachael: Nose
Finn: Can’t Dance
Sam: Trouty Mouth
Tina: Brown Eyes
Quinn: Lucy Caboosey
Mercedes: No Weave
Santana: Bitch (originally), then Lebanese (from Brittany)
Lauren: Bad Attitude
Mr. Schuester: Butt Chin
Emma: O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder)


I heard about this movie from my cousin, and how much she loved it. Since she also liked Twilight so much, I was thinking it was just another cheezy disney teenager romance movie. Nevertheless I gave it a shot. Quite to my surprise, this animation captured my attention from the get go.

From just the outside, the story seems somewhat parallel to the snow white classic movie, where the princess is trapped in a tower by an old evil lady, and then the prince comes with a white horse. I guess that similarity is intentional.

What really got me was the psychology behind the old lady, and the true feelings from the girl (the main character). It’s so real that every little thing in the movie makes perfect sense…

Sorry for being vague, but I really hope you will take time to watch this movie. I highly recommend this to all my friends. It is definitely worth your time!

Taipei Exchange

This movie is called <<第36個故事>> Taipei Exchange. For those of you who don’t read Chinese, those Chinese characters mean “The 36th Story”. Why 36? Um… you got to watch it… I don’t want to spoil it here. 😉

Chinese movies don’t often explicitly express the director’s view. If you grow up with a lot of western movies then you may feel a little lost watching this.

Overall I like the camera angles and also that, the story slightly touches many life issues. There is no big arguments nor dramatic moments for sure. If you are looking for a light, open-ended, and not-serious movie, this could be it.

第36個故事 -電影預告