I/O Transmission


00. I hope this transmission finds you well, and all is under control.
01. It's been too long. Then again, how do you measure the time?
02. I'm putting myself to good use here, but often miss the old domain.
03. Sometimes, upon the darkest night, I'm brought back to that morning light.
04. There's no time to be afraid of the sunset. Dawn breaks in a blink13.
05. An enigma hangs between us. The event horizon was seen only by you.
06. I cannot tell you everything. You of all people should understand why.
07. Let's speak together in one universal language.
08. I have seven, and you have six. I hope you understand my tricks?
09. Now you've found my path. Traverse its distance with both eyes open.
10. I look forward to our sideways gossip of life's unravelings.
11. I greatly value all you've done, and proudly call you friend.

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