Dijkstra’s algorithm

My version in python. The code is specific to how g, the graph matrix is defined.

Here is a good explanation to why we need to get the vertex with min edge in each iteration.

def graphDistances(g, s):
    INFINITY = 9999999999
    size = len(g)
    dist = [INFINITY] * size
    prev = [None] * size
    unvisited = set(range(size))

    dist[s] = 0

    while unvisited:
        u = findVertexWithMinDist(unvisited, dist)
        for v, edge_weight in enumerate(g[u]):
            if edge_weight == -1:
            my_dist = dist[u] + edge_weight
            if my_dist < dist[v]:
                dist[v] = my_dist
                prev[v] = u
    return dist

def findVertexWithMinDist(unvisited, dist):
    min_val = None
    min_idx = None
    for i in unvisited:
        v = dist[i]
        if min_val is None or v < min_val:
            min_val = v
            min_idx = i
    return min_idx


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