iphone 6 and google voice

If after switching to iphone 6 your google voice mail all of a sudden stops working, keep reading.

This may have something to do with the new internal settings in iphone 6 with iOS 8. To the general public, simply need to know that the instructions from google voice to dial **004*1[GV-Number]# is not going to work. You would see error messages Setting Registration Failed.

I tried it on my iphone 6 and it works now. Assuming your number is 1-650-789-1234. Simple do this:

  1. Dial *#61#
  2. Dial *#62#
  3. Dial *#67#
  4. Dial *61*16507891234# – Call Forward if Unanswered
  5. Dial *62*16507891234# – Call Forward if Unreachable
  6. Dial *67*16507891234# – Call Forward if Busy

If this is still not working, double check your google voice website and make sure your iphone 6 setting is correct.

Hope this helps!

Ref: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/cool_stuff_found/post/how-to-make-ios-8-and-iphone-6-work-with-google-voice

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