7 Smart Questions To Ask At The End Of Job Interviews


1. What do you like most about working for this company?
They’ll tell you what they value most and you can see if you value the same things.

2. How has this position evolved?
Their response will tell you if the job is a dead end.

3. Can you give me examples of how I would collaborate with my manager?
Their response will tell you how staff members are used and if you can showcase your skills.

4. What are the first priorities for this position?
Helps you know what to focus on if you get the job and how to make a good first impression.

5. What are the challenges of this position?
So you know what you’re facing… and if they don’t list any challenges, be very suspicious

6. What have past employees done to succeed in this role?
This gives you an idea of how the company measures success.

7. Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?
Shows you are secure enough to discuss your weaknesses.

ref: http://www.businessinsider.com/job-interview-follow-up-questions-2014-6

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