letting go

Well said.

I don’t feel that my time is particularly short; there are plenty of hours in the day, and hopefully plenty more days ahead. Maybe you feel differently. But there’s one thing we can agree on: focus is scarce. We just can’t afford these distractions. So I’m letting go.

I’m trying to care less (and about fewer things), because I can’t care about everything. I’m being ruthless, yes, but I firmly believe I’m allowed to do that with my own life. I have to address this feeling that I’m just not getting enough important stuff done.

There’s too much noise, and too many voices. Too much imitation, and too little authenticity. Too many critics and too few creators.

I can’t fix those things, but I can try to extract myself, and find the time and focus to contribute something of my own.

So I’m letting go.

ref: http://mattgemmell.com/letting-go/

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