Yeoman [not installed]

So I supposed you already ran curl -L | bash and went down the whole list to install all the tools. You also ran sudo npm install -g yeoman and it installed fine. But you are still getting that Yeoman [not installed] error, right?

Well, try issuing yeoman in your command line. If you get the standard “command not found” error, then it’s simply that yeoman is not in your $PATH.

To fix that, simply add the following line in your ~/.bash_profile file.

export PATH=/usr/local/share/npm/bin/:$PATH

Then either you open a new terminal, or issue source ~/.bash_profile to refresh your $PATH.

Then now, run curl -L | bash and it should be happy. 😉

oh, I am using osx, if you are on other systems please adjust accordingly, thx!

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