Transfering your contacts from iphone to android

I found this method with my osx and gmail. Keep reading if this applies to you.

1. Sync all your contacts from your iphone to osx’s Contact. You can do so by using iTunes or iCloud.
2. Export your contacts to vCards. Open up your Contacts application on osx, then scroll and make sure you got all your contacts. Then do a select-all, then file->export->export vCard. This vCard file will contain all your contacts.
3. Import to your gmail. Now log into your gmail account. Then click on the Gmail dropdown on the top left hand corner to get to Contacts. Then click on “More”, then “import”. Then you should have all your contacts there after importing.
4. Clean up. Now you may end up with lots of duplicates. Now click on “More”, then “find and merge duplicates”. This will help you merge most of the duplicates.
5. Now, go to your android phone and sync with your google account. You will then see your contact list there.

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