Refresh qtip content

qtip2 is very handy to show/hide additional information on websites. The qtip content is by default cached to minimize unnecessary fetching. However though, sometimes it’s desirable to fetch for new content every time the tooltip comes up. In that case, use the once : false attribute to force re-fetching of new content.

	content: {
		text: 'loading...',
		ajax: {
			url: 'my_content.php',
			once: false  // need to re-fetch every time
		title: {
			text: 'My title',
			button: true
	position: {
		at: 'left center', // Position the tooltip above the link
		my: 'right bottom',
		viewport: $(window), // Keep the tooltip on-screen at all times
		effect: false // Disable positioning animation
	show: {
		event: 'mouseenter',
		solo: true // Only show one tooltip at a time
	hide: 'unfocus',
	style: {
		classes: 'ui-tooltip-wiki ui-tooltip-light ui-tooltip-shadow',
		width: '800px'

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