Comcast Internet service only $62.95 a month?

I have signed up for Comcast’s bundle deal for TV and internet a few months ago. After a while I cancelled the TV service. I wasn’t really paying much attention to my bills until today I checked, Comcast is charging me $62.95 for internet service only? Really? Why???

I have done some research and all I can say is the pricing info is very unclear, not until you get your bill.

Since pricing info is tricky to obtain, let me spell it out for ya all here (source: Internet service only $62.95 a month?? I’m not paying that. Bye Bye comcast).

$34.95 for Performance Internet Plan (6-month promotional rate)
$48.95 for Performance Internet Plan “With CableTV”
$62.95 for Performance Internet Plan “Without CableTV”

If you are a working adult, you probably only use your internet at night. Is paying $62.95 justified? I am looking around for other options now. AT&T’s internet actually sounds sweet, $19.95 for 3Mb download speed, a little slower but huge $$$ saving…

Comcast 24 Hour Service-Call #: 1-800-945-2288

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