test -x /etc/init.d/sendmail && /usr/share/sendmail/sendmail cron-msp

I recently got lots of cron error emails having the email subject “test -x /etc/init.d/sendmail && /usr/share/sendmail/sendmail cron-msp“, and body being “/usr/share/sendmail/sendmail: 1248: /usr/sbin/sendmail-msp: not found“.

According to this post, it was probably due to my POSTFIX installation, having the side effect of not removing the OLD sendmail files, and thus those error emails… sigh…

So do the following to fix it:

sudo apt-get --purge remove sendmail-base sendmail-cf sendmail-doc
sudo apt-get install sendmail-bin

Here we remove the old sendmail, install the plain sendmail binary back, and removes postfix.

Or you can go to line #1248 and comment that line out.

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