National Budget Explained


One thought on “National Budget Explained

  1. Trevor says:

    1. US is the currency of the world #1 in power in the world
    2. Spending secures that the US stays #1 so people will continue to use our currency around the world to trade for oil (that runs all the machines in the world).
    3. We make sure that the country’s that we spend the money to protect will give us resources and money that we borrow with low interest.
    4. The person who put the income and expense report together forgot to comment that we print money to pay our debt, bills, balance our national balance sheet and etc…. we print as much money as inflation allows.
    5. But I do agree on one point, regardless if we are world power, spending money to stay in power, protect countries to stay in power, and no matter how much money we could print, we should re-evaluate our high debt and spending habits.


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