Commit failed (details follow): File ‘your_file’ is out of date

I have no idea, but all of a sudden I got this svn error during my commit.

My solution is roughly the following.

cp your_file your_file.bak
svn revert
svn update
cp your_file.bak your_file
svn commit
rm your_file.bak

A nice workaround that helped me move on.

One thought on “Commit failed (details follow): File ‘your_file’ is out of date

  1. Michael Nesterenko says:

    Hello, that is not a workaround, you just loose changes that came from svn server. Committing your changes involves clearing changes made by someone else. Instead you have to update and let svn merge (possible resolving conflicts) your and some one else’s changes, and only then commit.


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