Wireless broadband plans

I was doing some searches to find out all the available wireless broadband plans around the bay area. I have tried using it in HK and it seemed to be a good idea for people on the go. Basically, the idea is to have a 3g/4g usb stick to become the internet connection entry, that way you can have internet access anywhere. Below is the pricing info I have found as of Jan 19th, 2011. These are all monthly plans.

200Mb: $35
5Gb: $60

Virgin Mobilelink
100Mb: $10
unlimited: $40

3g 5Gb: $60
4g unlimited, 3g 5Gb: $60
4g unlimited: $50

2.5Gb: $40
5Gb: $50
7.5Gb: $60

1Gb: $20
3Gb: $35
5Gb: $50
10Gb: $80

200Mb: $25
5Gb: $40

Be aware of the network coverage area. Usually if you are in a metropolitan area you should be fine.

The usb broadband stick is separate from the data plan, so you will need to do more research on that. Don’t assume all usb broadband sticks will work with the data plan you pick. Wireless broadband is still fairly new and thus it’s always safer to ask your provider beforehand.

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