Sometimes I don’t quite know why I am keeping this blog alive. There isn’t much hits, nor any financial incentives. I suspect I am probably the most frequent visitor anyway. But oh well… I guess it’s like watering your own backyard, it’s not quite for any kinds of benefits except the joy of watering it. So whatever, I will keep writing…

I usually post my personal updates on facebook, but usually you have to keep it short on facebook, otherwise… I guess it will look weird to have it too long, though there isn’t any guideline on the message length… I guess it’s a general social protocol or etiquette. Let’s see how it goes on this blog.

Lately I have been playing badminton a lot. Well, it isn’t that much, like at most two times a week, but to my body that’s quite some exercise. 😉 I start liking it and just feel like I have been missing out all along. The game is so simple and at first I was like how hard was that dude. After playing for like 3 months, oh man, it makes you run! If you play with someone who knows the game, you will find yourself doing a lot of running back and forth, left and right, and sometimes jumping and dodging!

Aside from sweating, I also think about strategy. My strategy is simple: doing the least to win the point. That’s coz I am lazy! I think about the strength and weakness of my opponents, as well as my team, then go from there. For some reason I am thinking about the Arts of War now, haha. Yea, and the crazy thing is in the middle of the game, your opponents may adapt to your strategy and all of a sudden nothing works well anymore…

It’s like playing street fighter 4 in real life, only I feel my aching body…

Eating out afterward is definitely what I look forward to every time. Good incentive for the work out! Join me if you wanna exercise!

One thought on “badminton

  1. Trevor says:

    I read this… and maybe sometimes I might be one of handfuls only, but this blog brings me laughter and tears every time. It is bookmarked in my favorites… so keep it alive, I know those who do check this site love it.



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