SpiderOak is a nice cross-platform backup application. I have been using it for a few months already. It sync’s your files to their online servers in the background.

However, I find it hard to cancel an uploading file process. What happened to me was I left a huge file on my desktop (I sync’ed my desktop folder), then that giant file was being uploaded quietly in the background. One day I happened to check the upload queue and realized what happened. To my surprise there was no easy way to cancel that upload from the gui!

Thankfully there is a way from the command line. Here is how:

/Applications/SpiderOak.app/Contents/MacOS/SpiderOak –destroy-shelved-x
/Applications/SpiderOak.app/Contents/MacOS/SpiderOak –rebuild-reference-database

The first command will clean up your upload queue locally and also at the server. The second command will rebuild something after the clean up.

Just wanna share this with you guys out there wondering how this can be done. 😉

Reference links below:

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