Obama urges students to work hard

Obama gave a speech at Wakefield High School today, urging the students to study hard.

Obama urges students to work hard, stay in school

He has a good reason to do so despite criticism from some parents accusing him of having political motives. American students are known for falling behind international standard, especially in Math and Science. America has been prospering because it has been able to keep many bright and promising workers in exchange for the American dream. Now the American dream seems fading, educated domestic and foreign students are tempted to venture out, and with the ever growing health care expense, even if the current financial crisis will recover eventually, a stable and strong work force needs to be in place. Sadly, such dependable work force is not foreseeable.

Such worry toward the American students is actually nothing new. There is a well-done documentary called 2 Million Minutes: http://www.2mminutes.com/. It highlights the differences between American students VS Chinese students and Indian students. Check out some of its youtube videos.

Jim Rogers, a well known investor, moved to Singapore with his whole family (http://jimrogers-investments.blogspot.com/2009/03/jim-rogers-explains-why-he-moved-to.html), because he believes that the future is in Asia. In his words, he wants to give the best to his children.

Knowledge is wealth. Study hard everyone!

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