District 9

I finally got a chance to watch District 9, after hearing so much about it. For those of you not knowing what it is, here is the trailer:

District 9 Trailer

But you know what, the trailer really doesn’t tell you much about the movie. I didn’t have much idea about the movie either before stepping into the theater.

At the beginning of the movie, I was reminded of Independence Day coz of the spaceship and the aliens. But when the slum came in, I was totally taken off guard by it. Then I simply just stopped guessing and let the movie take me.

A big chuck of this movie depicts government bureaucracy and human nature. People are selfish, they want to get what they want at the cost of others. Some choose to cover this ugliness with lies, while other are blunt about it. Honestly I was sickened by most of what I watched.

Then toward the end of the movie, I was once again taken off guard. I did not anticipate what the main character Wikus would do. He has pretty much given up on all hopes. And as a result he demonstrated protection in its purest form, not because of any selfish reasons. For that I would like to give him my applause.

To say the least, this is a great movie! I cannot wait for the sequel to come!

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