Making Chrome the default browser

If you have Chrome, I am sure you are enjoying the fast speed of page loading and other good stuff that comes along with it. I got sucked into the Chrome environment that I decided to make it my default browser. See below.

One day, I realized Chrome was not supported by some of the websites I visited, or maybe the other way around Chrome didn’t support them. I was like, oh well, I guess I just have to switch back to my trusty firefox then. I went to the setting tab above, and I was like, how can I un-press that button?

I dare you find a way to un-set Chrome as your default browser within Chrome!

Well… maybe I should be more fair than that. In fact, that “un-set” button is very hard to find in most of the web browsers, or applications. I don’t think firefox has that button either. I guess I shouldn’t get mad over this, after all, Chrome is simply an application that tries to connect us to google. Unsubscribing is always much harder than subscribing, I should have learned that long time ago.

Later on I found the solution: IE –> Tools –> Internet Options –> Programs tab –> Reset Web Settings. Something like that, depends on your browser and its version. Oh yeah, you may need to reboot for this to take effect.

Something I learned.

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