Server Lock Example

If you want to use custom message on your iphone screen with Server Lock Example, here is how you do it. (My phone is 3G, firmware 2.2.1)

First download a Terminal app, then download vim (or any text editor). Assuming you have Winterboard and have Server Lock Example turned on, we are now ready to go!

Run Terminal, then
cd /Library/Themes/Server Lock Example.theme/

Run “ls -l“, you will see that there is a file called LockBackground.html. However it is owned by “root”, and you are “mobile”. So, let’s su as root then. The password is “alpine”.

Run “vim LockBackground.html“.

Here due to the limited keyboard, the arrows keys are gone along with other important keys such as the ESC key. Luckily I found ways around it. You will see this file:

</head><body style=”
padding: 0;
margin: 0;


You can see that the message “This doesn’t really do anything yet, but it /did/ get loaded off the server ;P. (Awesome, huh?)” is from Well, what do you think? Change that link! 😉

Let’s just say you want to change that link to, because this link will display something cool! (Or you can display some contact info in case you misplace your phone).

To move down, press “return“. When you get to that line, press space to move right. When you are on the letter “c”, press “x” to delete until you have “http://.com/lock&#8221;. Now press “i” to go into insert mode. Then type carefully “www.myWebsite”.

After that, you need to quit the insert mode. Poor me I couldn’t find the ESC key. But if you use your finger to press the terminal, a little keybad thing will show up. These are supposed to be command line shortcuts like grep, find, etc. I went to “find” and the find command typed out for me. So now for some reasons you are out of the insert mode, but with a find command. So, just “x” them until you have your “;, see below.

</head><body style=”
padding: 0;
margin: 0;


If you make too many typo, then trigger the find command, then type “:q!” to quit vim so that you can start over. Yeah, start over… ^^;

Once you are done, type “:wq” to save.

So there you have it. A custom message from your own server!

Thx to and

6 thoughts on “Server Lock Example

  1. Krishna says:

    You can actually have any message that you want to be emitted on the iphone.
    For example, I have “This iPhone belongs to Krishna Kanth who can be reacned at .com”.
    All that you need is to SSH into your iPhone and change the src=”” into src=iPhone.html and place a iPhone.html in the same directory that has the message.
    You are good to go ….


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