boyfriend -> father -> friend !?

You must be kidding me! I was shocked when I read this article this morning.

Johnston says he and Bristol broke up after ‘fight’

I thought they were pretty committed??? I once criticized about their coming together. [post]

And now, after a fight, they decided to break up? Quote:

“We were just, we were in a fight,” he said. “And trying to see if we can make things work. But this is what it kind of ended up turning into. But we’ll see what happens.

“It’s just us not, me not being mature enough, or something, and having a kid and thinking … it could be better — better for us to separate for a while,” he added.

I am not sure what the word commitment means to these kids nowadays. Or maybe this is an example of what it means when teens say “I thought about it.”

I think Sarah Palin being part of the Republican will have a hard time commenting on this. But that’s besides the point.

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