fast food nutrition facts

super size me

I just watched the dvd “super size me“. I bought this long time ago but just never had time to watch it until today. The film maker Morgan Spurlock experimented on himself eating McDonald’s meals three times a day for 30 days straight. What a brave man! I mean, besides getting addicted to the fast food, and gaining 10% of his original body weight, he doubled the risk of getting heart attack, diabetes, and all kinds of health related issues. Oh, and he actually threw up in front of the camera one time.

I found this nutrition facts website called Hopefully you can spend a minute or two to just check out how much one single fast food meal contributes to your daily nutrition intake. Remember if you are not on diet, your normal calories intake is about 2000 units.

For you iphone users out there, this website lists the top 10 health related iphone apps. Hope you find some of them useful!

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