Burma’s cyclone death toll (22,000 and more)

I had a chance to visit Cambodia for some mission work last summer. If you have ever visited developing countries and gone to their local villages, you would know how devastating the current situation is. The house, or shack, or perhaps what we call a box that a family lives in cannot by any means endure a cyclone. Their homes and their surroundings right now must look like a landfill. There would be no electricity (not that they can afford to pay for it), no clean water (of course no tap water), no food, no shelter, no nothing. The last thing you want to hear is that the only bridge or road that connects your village to the outside world was destroyed. You try to hold your desperation from your face, but when you turn around you see it from others. All there is left to do is to sit down and pray.

If you are not sure the scale of this disaster, I have something here for you. The 2005 hurricane Katrina in US, at least 1,836 dead. It was considered a national crisis. Here we have 22,000 dead, 41,000 missing. Just from the death toll, that’s 10 times more! It’s national crisis times 10 !!!

I want to quote from this local retired government worker who complained to Reuters news agency.

“Where are the soldiers and police? They were very quick and aggressive when there were protests in the streets last year.”

I personally do not quite have faith in the Burma’s government. If you are thinking about giving donations to the cyclone victims, while worrying about your money ending up in someone else’ pocket, then I would recommend Gospel For Asia. You can be sure your donation will be fully spent toward the cyclone victims.


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