This is something cool. If you are in a situation you would like to hand out your mail to get more info, yet worry about getting spam not being able to unsubscribe easily, Mailinator is probably the best solution so far. Say, you are attending a info session on some gadgets by company named “whatever123”. When you have a chance to sign up to get further info, you can simply put in the email “”. Now, you notice you didn’t even sign up for that email address? That’s right! Then you go home and go to and in the login box, just type in whatever123 as the user name and the mailbox will open up, you get the info you want. Mailinator also offers RSS so you can use a regular username for yourself.

Certainly there is no security here. I hope you don’t expect to use this as an alternative email account. Also, the emails in this mail box will automatically get deleted in a short period of time.

If you ask what’s so good about this email service. Well, for example, you can use this as a place to collect your tech newsletters, or discount notices, stuff like that.

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